kok官方体育app下载:苹果下架众多应用程序 被指涉及用户隐私

本文摘要:Apple has removed hundreds of apps from the iTunes App Store that secretly collected personal information from anyone who downloaded them.苹果公司早已从苹果商店中下架了上百个应用软件,这些应用于都牵涉到秘密搜集用户私人信息。


Apple has removed hundreds of apps from the iTunes App Store that secretly collected personal information from anyone who downloaded them.苹果公司早已从苹果商店中下架了上百个应用软件,这些应用于都牵涉到秘密搜集用户私人信息。Most of the 256 affected apps were made in China, but they were available worldwide on the app store and were downloaded 1 million times, according to app analytics service SourceDNA, which first discovered the problem.根据一款名为SourceDNA的分析服务应用软件获取的数据,这次下架的256个应用于中大部分出自于中国,但是他们在苹果商店中面向了全球,而且早已被iTunes了100万次。也正是这个软件第一个找到了这个盗取信息的问题。

The apps creators used a software development kit from a Chinese advertising company called Youmi, which allowed the developers to put ads in their apps. Thats kosher.这款应用于的创始人用于了一款由名为有米的中国广告公司获取的软件开发系统,这个软件让应用软件开发者可以在自己的应用于里重新加入广告,这是可以的。But Youmis software gathered information about the people who downloaded the apps, including their email addresses and iPhone serial numbers -- sending all that data to Youmis servers. That skirted Apples strict privacy guidelines for app developers.但是有米的软件从iTunes了它的使用者哪里搜集了信息,还包括电子邮箱和电话序列号,并且将所有数据穿着回给有米的服务器。

这种作法有悖于苹果公司对应用软件开发者严苛的隐私维护拒绝。And the way Youmi designed the software hid that fact from the developers and Apples iTunes App Store gatekeepers.而且有米这个软件的设计方式将事实隐蔽一起,使其不被用于它的软件开发者和苹果商店的把守找到。SourceDNA did not say which apps were affected. The company told Apple about the problem on Sunday, and Apple removed the apps on Monday.SourceDNA 没说道那些应用软件受到影响。这家公司于周日向苹果公司检举了这件事,苹果公司在周一就后移除了这些违规的应用软件。

This is a violation of our security and privacy guidelines, Apple said in a statement. The apps using Youmis SDK will be removed from the App Store and any new apps submitted to the App Store using this SDK will be rejected.“这是对我们的安保系统和隐私维护条例的一次反击,”苹果公司公开发表回应,“用于了有米的SDK的应用软件都将不会被从苹果商店里清理,而且所有申请人在苹果商店下架的应用于如果用于这个SDK也将不会被拒绝接受。”Anyone who already downloaded the apps will still be able to use them but the apps wont be updated.任何早已iTunes了这些应用于的用户还需要之后用于,但是这些应用于将无法再行上载数据了。The data collection does not appear to be the developers fault, since Youmi was disguising the fact that its software was sending that data to its servers. Apple said it is working with the app developers to update their apps, ensuring they are safe for customers and in compliance with the app stores guidelines. The apps are banned from the store until they are fixed.搜集信息并不是软件开发者的犯规,因为是有米在隐瞒事实,这些被盗取的数据实质上都是传返回了它自己的服务器里。苹果公司回应他们正在和应用软件的开发者一起解决问题,新的上传这些应用于,确保它们现在对消费者是安全性的并且几乎遵从苹果商店的规定的。


被禁令用于的应用于在保养好了之后依然可以新的返回商店。This is the third big lapse in Apples typically tight app store security in the past month.这是上个月苹果公司仍然苛刻的苹果商店安全性系统的第三次大漏洞。Last week, Apple banned a group of apps that were able to peek into encrypted communications between the iPhones they were installed on and the servers the phones communicated with.上周,苹果公司又取消了一组偷拍苹果用户之间加密的聊天内容的应用软件,加装了这些软件的电话和与这部电话有信息交流的服务器都遭了偷拍。

上周,苹果公司又取消了一组偷拍苹果用户之间加密的聊天内容的应用软件,加装了这些软件的电话和与这部电话有信息交流的服务器都遭了偷拍。In late September, the app store suffered a major attack, forcing Apple to remove dozens of popular apps that had been infected by malware. The malicious apps were capable of duping customers into giving up their iCloud passwords and opening dangerous websites.九月底,苹果公司遭了一次大型反击,造成苹果被迫去除几十个受到恶意软件反击的热门应用于。